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An orgonite guide would not be complete without the chapter on the orgonite cloudbuster. Orgonite Cloudbuster is based on Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster.
But to be fair, the only thing the Orgonite Cloudbuster has with Dr.
Reich’s cloudbuster has in common, are the tubes.
Reich used his cloudbuster to efficiently manipulate the weather by creating or dispersing clouds on the principle that the clouds are held by the orgone.
Cloudbuster was an amazingly simple device in its design.
It consisted of a series of empty pipes pointing towards the sky and “grounded” by being connected to the water source (river or lake).
In 1953, Reich proved the way he worked by causing rain, ending the drought and saving the crops of local farmers.
This was documented by the local newspaper.
Colorful orgonite enriched with precious stones that are beneficial for children.
Also suitable for big children!
Set with 7 orgonite pieces for healing, clearing and opening the main chakras.
Lemurian record holder with triangular face for healing, extinguishing and opening the main chakras.
Orgonite, Lemurian crystals and selected gemstones work together to support plant growth and vitality.
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DOR also arises under certain natural conditions.
The human body is a very complex machine.
10% of the functions of the whole body.
But the only saving grace is that the body knows how to heal itself.
Our bodies are made up of millions and millions of cells.
The orgone frequency, an anti-entropic field, can therefore accelerate the healing process.
The structure of orgonite attracts energy.
What you experience is determined by your spiritual development.
Everything will be different.
This creates a very high level of energy.
Another experiment that you can try.
Some items may take longer to charge than others.
The best introduction is Don’s book, The Life Etheric With Carol Croft and The Adventures.
Orgonite is a material specially made to capture, cleanse and release orgone energy.
It is a combination of quartz and tiny pieces of metal held together by a resin.
These materials work together to regain the orgone energy so that it can be an effective conduit for the other energy.
Orgonite can be made into any shape, including wands and pyramids.
Whenever you discover that something electronic is not working optimally in your home, orgonite can help pave the way for this energy to function properly again.
When someone presents themselves to you with a disorder that you believe results from a messed up or damaged aura, use orgonite to reorganize that energy for the person.
Rose quartz belongs to the largest family of stones, the silicic acid group, and consists of silicon dioxide with traces of titanium.
It is said to give off a calming, cooling energy that can act on all chakras to gently remove negativity and restore the loving, gentle powers of self-love.
The pink color of rose quartz has always been a symbol of love.
The four sides of a pyramid that connect at the summit or summit can be used as inspirational symbols for growth or ascension.
Pyramids are viewed by many as amplifying and focusing the energy through the top.
With its special charge, the substance can remove impurities from the water, which makes it “taste” better.
However, it is evident that orgone pyramids have numerous benefits for the human body.
A must for increasing productivity!
Energy blocks (or blocks of chi or prana) in the body can make you feel sluggish, uninspired, tired, and irritable.
Fortunately, orgone pyramids offer a solution to these problems as they release energy blockages in your body and allow your energy to flow smoothly again without any obstacles.
Creating artistic gadgets that are packed with fine metal filings, over 50 different crystals, and a resin.
They often serve a second purpose, to mitigate the harmful effects of EMF radiation (ElectroMagnetic Field).
Most people keep them close to their phones and Wi-Fi.
I have already had many reports of 5G EMF protection.
I find this occurs because orgonite is great at giving good vibrations to the environment.
I find that the good mood offsets the harmful effects of bad frequencies.
He coined the term “entrainment”: the phenomenon of living or non-living individuals who calibrate themselves to the strongest individual in the environment.